Monday, January 18, 2010

18O11O ;

I haven't blogged for a while so i think i might blog tonight and update you guys about my life , well today i went to my big bro daniels house fucking love him mangs! <3 first we went easyway :) and& he shouted me :( and& clearly i didn't want him too ): its like a competition between me and& him :L always shouting each other :), but its my turn the next time we go out :) so its all good ;DD , we then watched crow zero :L got boerd and toook luvohs :L,talked and& laughed at all this random shieeeet. I've literally fallen in love with his balcony its such a nice place to just stand there and talk :) with the sun shinning above us ): , gonnaa misss seeing my big bro ! Who am i gonna punch? and& laugh at ? :L Whose gonna pur ? :L ahahaahahs inside joke.. :L just gotta love hanging out with my bro he teaches me something new everyday(LL). Teeehee, while i was in the car driving homee i was browsing through my bag and i find a piece of paper! and& i open it and i find two bucks on a piece of paper saying love daniel :L , i swear when i saw it i smiled and thought to myself watta bumhole ! he never lets me shout ): so unfair sometimes :L and& his always taking bad photos of me