Monday, January 18, 2010

18O11O ;

I haven't blogged for a while so i think i might blog tonight and update you guys about my life , well today i went to my big bro daniels house fucking love him mangs! <3 first we went easyway :) and& he shouted me :( and& clearly i didn't want him too ): its like a competition between me and& him :L always shouting each other :), but its my turn the next time we go out :) so its all good ;DD , we then watched crow zero :L got boerd and toook luvohs :L,talked and& laughed at all this random shieeeet. I've literally fallen in love with his balcony its such a nice place to just stand there and talk :) with the sun shinning above us ): , gonnaa misss seeing my big bro ! Who am i gonna punch? and& laugh at ? :L Whose gonna pur ? :L ahahaahahs inside joke.. :L just gotta love hanging out with my bro he teaches me something new everyday(LL). Teeehee, while i was in the car driving homee i was browsing through my bag and i find a piece of paper! and& i open it and i find two bucks on a piece of paper saying love daniel :L , i swear when i saw it i smiled and thought to myself watta bumhole ! he never lets me shout ): so unfair sometimes :L and& his always taking bad photos of me

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a friendship that went wrong? =/

Ahhs, as much as i miss you being my friend i can't say anything..It sucks because if i do say something i lose one friend? and& i gain one? As much as i miss you i can't say anything..Is what i've been told the truth? or a lie ?
If it was a lie I'd regret alot. But we both know that there's no one else to blame but ourselves. 2O1O? will we become friends again? Atm i guess we're still friends? But not as close as we use to be which sucks? I really do want to ask you if what i heard was true or not? I'm dieing to build our friendship back up. You and& I use to be a team? I'd help you through your problems and& you'd help me through mine..I guess there will always be problems. But i guess its life right? we lose a few friends? gain a few new friends? But the memories will stay with me forever :) Now i don't know what to do with our friendship do i go with the flow? or do i take a risk and pop the question? :L ahahs sounds like im gonna ask her to marry me.. aniwais, do i ask her if what i've heard was true or not? I honestly miss being your good friend heaps even though i don't show it. Has our friendship really come to an end now?

Missin' Yoou

Its been eight months now and& I'm still missin' you i've tried replacing you but it just never feels right..I'll always wonder what went wrong between you and I..I miss the good old days when we were bestfriends..But i guess it went from friend to bestfriend to bf/gf to friends but now we're strangers?..I guess you'll never know how much i miss you. I can see now that you've moved on..and& i really do hope your happy. But i must confess that you were my favourite, only if i could turn back time and change the way i approached things between you and& me. I don't know what else to say, i guess people change and so do our feelings towards others. Sometimes I don't understand why i miss you so much..either im like fucked up ? or just really stupid? If i had one wish i'd wish that we were still friends, late nights texting each other..Ahh, the times we use to help each other solve our problems... You were always there for me no matter what, and& you'd always make me smile no matter what situation i was in. You always knew what was wrong and what was right you always pointed me in the right direction..I guess i'll never fully understand what went wrong between us. But all i really have to say is that i miss you..


lmfaoos , hellooo fuckerr,today i went to DFO(direct factory outlet) with my LIL friend katie chou :), I trained it from pendle hill to lidcombe and this indian lady kept coughing in my face that itchbayy :L, i was so close to hitting her with my water bottle :) aniwaiss i finally arrived at lidcombe and met up with KATTIEE CHOUU!! and& i had this funny feeling that we were gonna look alike once again :L we were both wearing the SAME shorts :L and& a black singlet watta relief we weren't wearing the same shoes :) we didn't know what train to catch so we jumped on some sprint train thinking we were going to go to central but thanks to smart lil katie chou :L shse realised that we were at sydney olypic park(: ahh my eyes hurt for some reason atm, aniawis we walked around dfo and found nothing :'( so we decided that we would go central >=), walked around central and bumped into a few friendlings...:L , oh oh oh ! when we were walking through this park to go MC , this old man was like '' sexy ladies sexy ladies come anyday'' well somehting along those lines :L , crazy old men these days ! :L I had lik 2OO bucks and i only spent 5O ): , ohwells i ended up buying shoes and a singlet :) katiee bought two singlets :) blah! after the city i trained it home :) which was soo longg :L came home ate dumplings? :L lmfaoos , then went on msn :) i realised today that aadil and i complain alot about over the stupiidest things :L just gotta love that idiot :) , well i had a pretty enjoyable day :) laterss <3