Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a friendship that went wrong? =/

Ahhs, as much as i miss you being my friend i can't say anything..It sucks because if i do say something i lose one friend? and& i gain one? As much as i miss you i can't say anything..Is what i've been told the truth? or a lie ?
If it was a lie I'd regret alot. But we both know that there's no one else to blame but ourselves. 2O1O? will we become friends again? Atm i guess we're still friends? But not as close as we use to be which sucks? I really do want to ask you if what i heard was true or not? I'm dieing to build our friendship back up. You and& I use to be a team? I'd help you through your problems and& you'd help me through mine..I guess there will always be problems. But i guess its life right? we lose a few friends? gain a few new friends? But the memories will stay with me forever :) Now i don't know what to do with our friendship do i go with the flow? or do i take a risk and pop the question? :L ahahs sounds like im gonna ask her to marry me.. aniwais, do i ask her if what i've heard was true or not? I honestly miss being your good friend heaps even though i don't show it. Has our friendship really come to an end now?

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  1. do whatever you heart thinksss is right darling (: