Tuesday, December 29, 2009


lmfaoos , hellooo fuckerr,today i went to DFO(direct factory outlet) with my LIL friend katie chou :), I trained it from pendle hill to lidcombe and this indian lady kept coughing in my face that itchbayy :L, i was so close to hitting her with my water bottle :) aniwaiss i finally arrived at lidcombe and met up with KATTIEE CHOUU!! and& i had this funny feeling that we were gonna look alike once again :L we were both wearing the SAME shorts :L and& a black singlet watta relief we weren't wearing the same shoes :) we didn't know what train to catch so we jumped on some sprint train thinking we were going to go to central but thanks to smart lil katie chou :L shse realised that we were at sydney olypic park(: ahh my eyes hurt for some reason atm, aniawis we walked around dfo and found nothing :'( so we decided that we would go central >=), walked around central and bumped into a few friendlings...:L , oh oh oh ! when we were walking through this park to go MC , this old man was like '' sexy ladies sexy ladies come anyday'' well somehting along those lines :L , crazy old men these days ! :L I had lik 2OO bucks and i only spent 5O ): , ohwells i ended up buying shoes and a singlet :) katiee bought two singlets :) blah! after the city i trained it home :) which was soo longg :L came home ate dumplings? :L lmfaoos , then went on msn :) i realised today that aadil and i complain alot about over the stupiidest things :L just gotta love that idiot :) , well i had a pretty enjoyable day :) laterss <3


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  2. lolss, nooo it was so annoying
    and she had like really bad breath.

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